B.Sc. Pharmacy (2010-2015), Universidad Nacional de Colombia
M.Sc. Pharmaceutical and Industrial Biotechnology (2016-2019), MLU Halle-Wittenberg

derzeitiger Beruf: 

PhD Student in the group of µMD of Prof. Dr. Wehrspohn

Welche Motivation steckt hinter ihrer Teilnahme als Mentorin zu unserer Akademie? 

As a Latin-American woman, I consider that science and education are the key elements to change the world. For this reason, I would like to participate in helpING academy since its purpose is to encourage young women to join science. Moreover with my professional background I consider myself a great candidate to contribute in the mentoring program. Life has giving me the chance to be where I never thought I could be and the opportunity to help others. Sharing stories from my own career and life experiences could offer young women guidance and motivation to join any SETM

Wie sind soziale Innovationen zurzeit in Ihrem Arbeitsfeld verortet? 

During my time in Germany, I have had the chance to experience the power of science in society. Germany is the proof that investing in science, and STEM, is the way to change the world. In Germany, I had the amazing opportunity to work with X-ray nano imaging, a field that is still far behind in my home country due to lack of resources and investment in science. My work on tissue engineering, provides innovation for the development of scaffolds that can be used to repair or regenerate damaged tissue. If these materials are well characterized they can be transferred to direct clinical applications that will benefit patients around the world.